Performance PE/EVA Marine Decking.
Ultra-Durable/Long Lasting.
Ultra-UV Fade Resistant.
Ultra-Wear Resistant.
Non-Slip/Skid Resistant.
100% Stain Resistant.
100% Closed Cell.
Made in USA.

Highest Quality PE/EVA Decking Material Available On The Market Today.

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HydraFoam Product Information

Made of closed-cell chemically cross-linked foams. This fine cell structure provides absolute minimum water absorption and very high chemical/stain resistance combination, in addition to excellent durability.

Manufactured from polyethylene (PE) and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers, or a high-tech blended copolymer. Many lesser materials out there are made of one or the other (PE or EVA), not a blend.

Pure resins only used in the manufacturing process. Not all manufacturers abide by this (often for cost cutting reasoning).

No chlorofluorocarbon product or derivitives are used, and no organic fillers are added to the foam (again, often done by others as a cost cutting measure).

The Highest Density PE/EVA Marine Decking Available In the Market Today.

Continual product development & improvement efforts are always underway.

“Overall, the material is of the highest quality available in the marketplace, including longevity, durability, stain resistance, absorption resistance, low maintenance, sun damage resistant, etc. ¬†That said, HydraFoam is not the cheapest material out there, with an obvious focus towards quality over cost savings.”

CEO, Steven K. Smarsh

Manufacturing Headquarters - 49746 Leona Dr, Chesterfield, MI 48051